Put On Your Google Cardboard and Experience Beijing’s 798 Art Zone in VR

Once the home of the North China Wireless Joint Equipment Factory, the 798 Art Zone is a vast compound built in the 50s that has been renovated to house dozens of galleries, design studios, art spaces, artists’ studios, ateliers, fashion houses, shops, restaurants, and bars.

Today the 798 is also the epicenter of China’s street art scene. So in December 2015, I took my camera rig to document what it looked like.

While this virtual tour represents a compilation works seen on the streets and back alleys of the 798, it is by no means complete. The 798 is like a coral reef where the art is as ephemeral as a school of tropical fish darting through a diverse ecosystem of throw-ups, tags, and graffiti as well as more elaborate art pieces like murals and sculptures.



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