Free Holiday Music Download For You!

Snow - New Songs of the SeasonThe von Trapp Children
“Snow” (mp3)
from “Snow – New Songs of the Season”

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I can think of no better way to bring in the holiday spirit than with music. Except maybe cookies.  Recently over breakfast a friend told me that he believed music was a gift from the universe. I think he might be right.  As my gift to you is this free download of “Snow” performed  by the von Trapp children — the great grand children of Captain von Trapp, father of the famous singing family whose story captivated the world in the musical The Sound of Music.  

To get this freebie simply click on the orange arrow button above to download.

Happy Holy Daze!

Free Blogger Theme For Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

Blogging is an excellent marketing tool for any profession but especially for massage therapists who’s business it is to touch and connect with people in a personal and personable way. If maintained on a regular schedule a blog can help you stay in touch to your clientele and remind them about what you have to offer.

I created a massage therapy theme for Blogger based on a template by OurBlogTemplates to help professional bodyworkers sustain their practice during today’s challenging economic conditions.  You can download the XML code and see a live demo by clicking here or on the image above.

Terms of Use: Since I did not actually design the template or take the photos, it very important that the credits must remain intact both at the bottom of this template and within the XML code. This is not just fair but also very smart because OurBlogTemplates may change the code and so you need to be able to reference them for any updates. It also required by them for using their template for free.

Live demo here.
To download the template click here.
To download the banner click here.
For assistance on installing both the template and the banner click here and here.

I encourage you to become inspired to design your own custom Blogger theme using the same tools I have. Since I’m not skilled in web design or coding I am unable to offer support if you have any issues from using this template. I advise you to do-it-yourself with OurBlogDesign’s tutorial links I’ve provided above.