Hooping with Alanna Ward

Hula hooping is the latest fitness and dance craze to re-visit the American culture. In this interview I meet up with my friend Alanna Ward, a professional hoop dance performer and instructor. Here she shares her experiences about the love and joy of hooping.

Recorded April 23, 2006 in Hollywood, California.

The Benefits of Massage

Hello friends!

It’s so very exciting to use emerging technology to connect with you! By that I mean that I am switching over to blogging and abandoning my quarterly on-line newsletter that was first launched on my old website in 1999. Last year I started a little blog that was hosted through Earthlink (my ISP). Unfortunately I lost the blog when I switched service providers so here I am starting over.

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I launched my first blog. I talked about massage, I posted some recipes and occasionally wrote about things as if it were a public diary.  I think most people new to the blogosphere don’t know what they’re doing either so I don’t feel too bad. I think this whole Web 2.0 thing is just one big experiment really and so we all fumble as we find our voice and create our digital identity here on the Web.

I really hope you enjoy these new blog posts. But if you want to see past articles from my old newsletter they are now archived at my former website here. It was designed by the great folks at Kapow.

In addition to blogging, I’m teaching myself how to produce podcasts. Let me just say: this is quite a challenge! It’s one thing to write a little bit about what you know but it’s quite another to write, record, edit and mix everything down into something listenable and informational. Having said that, this is my premiere episode. Here I share the benefits of massage therapy and explain how it works and why. I also give tips on what to look for when seeking the services of a qualified massage therapist.

Let me know what you think.