“RISE UP” – The Street Art of Las Vegas from the Life is Beautiful Festival featuring Works by Alexis Diaz, AWARE, D*Face, Doze Green, Vhils, Zio Zeigler and Many More

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — literally! RISE ABOVE is the eclectic, and permanent street art program of Life Is Beautiful Festival curated by JUSTKIDS that turned 15 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas into an art-inspired playground showcasing works by some of the biggest names in international urban art. Line-up: Vhils, D*Face, Doze Green, Interesni Kazki, Ben Eine, Alexis Diaz, Zio Ziegler, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Ana Maria, The Stencil Network, Hot Tea, Aware and many, many more.

The annual Life is Beautiful Festival, backed by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, is held in Downtown Las Vegas and some street artists was invited to participate in giving the Fremont East Entertainment District a makeover. The festival has long since ended, but the works remain as a testament to art, life, and beauty.

I was recently in Vegas to meet with some cool freaks and geeks at Zappos headquarters to explore and understand the amazingly innovative corporate culture that goes on inside one of my favorite on-line shopping destinations. There’s a word for what they do at Zappos; it’s called “holacracy” a radical “self-governing” operating system where there are no job titles and no managers.

While I was there, I learned that Hsieh has pledged over $350 million of his personal fortune to rejuvenate this blighted stretch of Las Vegas and make it a tech mecca for startups.

The Life Is Beautiful Festival takes place every year, so I’m anticipating there’ll be more street art images to capture and share in the fall.

To view the tour, simply begin by clicking the image above and either use portals embedded in the image, or scroll through the slide show at the bottom to view an image that appeals to you

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