Woohoo! I’m the new Featured Photographer on Sphere!

The Sphere for iOS and Android

Great news today in my in-box from Jamison Ross, the content curator at Sphere, the premiere 360° panorama photography app for mobile devices.

In the email, Ross announced: “We’re celebrating the folks who contribute the most beautiful and engaging content on Sphere and we’ve chosen you to be one of the few photographers we’re featuring.”

Woohoo! This is so amazingly very cool because the Sphere delivers the best possible “remote travel” platform for iOS devices. In fact you can download their free app by going to this link: https://bit.ly/sphere-ios.

On an Android? No worries. It’s also available for free in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sphere

The Sphere selected to feature my panorama entitled “The Junk Art Sculpture Garden” in Olancha, California (above). Here’s more about it:

Located just off of Highway 395 near Walker Creek is a pop-up public art gallery of metal sculptures and other junk art, including a piece that accepts and offers gifts, and another labeled “Be Kind, Not Right.” The largest piece features a hitch hiking girl with a suitcase. The most colorful sculpture features a plaque with instructions that read: “Give and Take. Put something in give container then retrieve something from take container. You can give without taking, But not the other way around. If you choose to take without giving, the mirror will make you face yourself and the eyes will follow you for ever and ever. Just like in real life.”  Directions: Off of Highway 395 in Olancha. Dirt road on the west side of the highway, just north of Walker Creek Road. Look for the Walker Creek Road sign (yellow and black sign) and then look for the dirt road. Admission: Free.

Many thanks to the Sphere team!

UPDATE: Oops! It appears I’m mistaken about the featured panorama. Sphere is featuring me and my portfolio so when you visit their site you may see other panoramas I’ve taken in addition to the one in this post.

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